Water Resources

Water resources covers water managed within drinking water, stormwater and wastewater systems. At the core of our approach is ensuring that communities have a dependable supply of clean, fresh drinking water; that we have safe systems to manage wastewater in a way that doesn’t adversely affect the environment; and that we are protected from the inevitable natural dangers of flood water.  

 Good Earth Matters view water as a resource which needs to be considered in an integrated manner, not simply as a discrete entity whether it be as drinking water, stormwater or wastewater. Sustainable businesses and communities focus on using water efficiently, minimising the amount of wastewater generated and strive to manage stormwater as a valuable resource.

In undertaking Water Resources work Good Earth Matters adopts the “circular economy” perspective, namely that all components should be used with a view to recovery and reuse in a cost neutral and sustainable manner.

Drinking and Process Water

Good Earth Matters work with you to deliver safe drinking and process water for your business or community. We identify and analyse sources, model your demand, design treatment systems matched to your requirements, develop catchment management plans, undertake network analysis and design, prepare conservation management plans and prepare Water Safety Plans as well as undertaking monitoring and compliance reporting.


Good Earth Matters works with you to help you understand the forces of Mother Nature and the impact storm events can have on your community, your business, and your home. We do this by identifying and analysing the storm events that could occur, and developing solutions including catchment management plans and site specific strategies to manage the effects of storm events. We identify and analyse the effects of stormwater discharges on the environment and development measures to mitigate or minimise these effects on the environment.

Flood Protection and Rivers Engineering

Good Earth Matters assists you with all elements of flood protection and rivers engineering – from analysis of flooding events and modelling to be able to understand and mitigate risks; through to consenting, design and construction. We specialise in identifying mitigation strategies and converting these strategies into on-the-ground implementation. Often there will be individuals, businesses or communities who are affected by what is proposed. Good Earth Matters strength in the consenting process lies in its ability to identify and engage meaningfully with affected parties and in the consultation strategies that are put in place. We believe it is important that the Contractors delivering flood protection projects embrace the client’s values, recognise that they will be working in public areas with significant stakeholder interest and that the work sites are often environmentally sensitive. Good Earth Matters works with clients to analyse the construction environment, align the construction processes with the project objectives and undertake procurement and construction management.


Good Earth Matters assists by helping you manage your wastewater from the cistern or manufacturing plant through the treatment process to the point of discharge back into the environment or reuse/recycling point. We analyse and validate wastewater data, and identify and investigate environmental impact and design solutions which are both sustainable and affordable. We help you put in place monitoring programmes so that the effectiveness of the measures can be measured by you.