Policy & Strategy Development

Great project outcomes which are both sustainable and affordable are achieved by aligning policy and strategy with practical requirements. Good Earth Matters takes the time to listen and understand, and then use our expertise to develop a range of strategies for solving your problem.

Using our strengths in analysing, engaging, validating, solving and planning, we:

Plan Changes and Statutory Planning

Good Earth Matters works with local authorities and private clients to analyse, develop and prepare plan changes and statutory planning documents to give effect to the principles of sustainable management. This includes policy analysis, initial consultation documents and undertaking non-statutory consultation, Section 32 analyses and formal plan change documents under the Resource Management Act.

Resource Consents

We prepare resource consent applications and Assessments of Environmental Effects to secure you the necessary consents to undertake your projects and manage community infrastructure. We work with our clients to develop proposals which are acceptable to our clients, consent authorities and stakeholders in order to give you the best chance of securing a long term consent with acceptable conditions.

Develop Policy 

We engage collaboratively to understand what you wish to achieve and develop policy and procedures which will help you get there.

Prepare Business Cases 

We take policy and strategy and develop the business case to justify the investment and validate consistency with your policies and strategies. The extent of our expertise covers the entire range from green fields developments, business investment decisions and operational practices through to major capital works investments.

Strategy Development 

We facilitate strategy development. We use the term facilitate because it’s your strategy which must be owned by and implemented by you. Our skill lies in the knowledge of business, local government and the regulatory environments that we bring to the table, and our ability to listen, engage and extract your areas of concern in order to form the basis of the strategy. Our expertise includes growth strategies, infrastructure investment, community growth, community investment and procurement.

Policy Analysis 

We analyse policy produced by third parties and examine the impact for your business or community. We assist you to understand the implications and prepare, submit and present submissions on your behalf.