Grey Wilson

Principal Environmental Planner


Grey has a wide range of RMA and environmental management experience primarily in provincial Aotearoa New Zealand, having worked extensively in both the public and private sectors. Her work ranges across district, regional and national level planning and sees her working in both the regulatory and policy development areas from district level zoning and land use matters to discharge and water management.  She has a particular interest in working towards better alignment of district and regional planning considerations and processes, so that the integrated management functions set out in the RMA can be achieved.  She has extensive experience with various network utility and infrastructure projects, both large and small, in roles including applicant planner and reporting planner on behalf of the relevant consent authority.

The breadth of Grey’s experience enables her to have a keen ability to ‘take a step back’ to understand the wider environmental, social and economic context influencing operations, planning and decision making and being able to develop action plans accordingly in order to ensure good environmental outcomes. This means she can enhance and add value to client’s RMA planning experiences by building on past learnings to reduce uncertainty and bring clarity to complex issues and processes, whilst looking forward to identify how long term solutions can be established that are appropriate and flexible within changing environments.